How To Stay Informed About Bitcoin Latest News

The world of Bitcoin and the other alt coins and digital money is evolving – FAST! It is like dog years, only quicker. Much quicker.

In such an environment, how does anyone hope to stay updated with current events? It isn’t easy to keep up with the Bitcoin latest news, that’s for sure.

I have found that there are a few locations where much of the news and views can be found in one way or another. Here are some of the best:

Bitcoin sub-reddit is the home of all things Bitcoin. There are many sub reddits for related topics, such as mining and individual alt coins, plus, of course, reddit is the birthplace of Dogecoin. reports on most BTC issues. As one of the largest tech sites on the internet, it is very involved in reporting the latest news. is another tech / financial news site that has enjoyed reporting on the latest BTC developments. The reporting is typically quite hype-y but the general thrust of the articles are correct. is an aggregator of blog posts and updates from a range of authors. Much of the content is personal opinion, but the posts often relate to a wide range of alt coins. is an interesting idea. The site tracks the legal status and progress of alt coins legality around the world. It has a helpful colour coded map to get to the point quickly and a feed that provides the latest updates.

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Bitcoin Price Prediction 2016 is another aggregator site. This one tracks latest tweets, news stories and forum posts related to all things alt coin. It is an easy place to get started actually. is another aggregator, but this tends to follow news about prices and trading. is a cool idea. The site monitors the largest wallets and shows lists of which ones hold the most coins. When you read elsewhere on this site that Bitcoin is quasi anonymous, you now know why! You would never see a list like this related to bank accounts or cash holdings.

Two mainstream news outlets that have started to report on the latest BTC news issues (providing much more credibility and outreach) are and